Free, Awesome PPC Resources

Years of PPC management has brought us to finding tools, scripts and strategies that we use nearly every day for management.

This list includes only the top tools that we use every day

Getting Great Keywords

N-Gram Scripts

If you’re not using N-grams to find new keywords, both positive and negative, you’re really missing out.

Here’s a quick example of why they’re so awesome:

Let’s say you have 40 search queries with the phrase “near me” in them, that are triggered by only 5 different keywords.

Rather than needing to look at the performance of the keywords to determine if the phrase “near me” drives conversions, N-Grams will compile the performance of all the search terms that include “near me” and give you the performance.

The result is you can find common phrases that either are present in high performing searches, or low performing searches.

Here is an example of N-Grams in action

Get the script here

Track Your Quality Score Over Time

If you’re not using something to track your quality score over time, you 100% need to.

Especially if you’re planning on implementing Easy Landing, it can really help to quantify the impact of more relevant landing pages.

Here’s a screenshot of a new account using the script:

Graph of quality score over time

Get the script here

Catch Declining Ad Groups

Keeping track of over 50, 100, 500 ad groups like we are? This script can be a lifesaver.

If an ad group declines in a target metric for 3 or more weeks, you get an email. Simple as that!

Here is the official link to the script.

This link is often down, so you can get it from the internet archive.

If that still doesn’t work for you, contact support, and we’ll send you a copy.

Finding Top Performing Ad Copy

Ad Copy N-Grams

A quick word of warning, unless you’ve got a lot of money spent on your account and have tested a lot of ad copy, this won’t be that useful of a script.

How does “Call Today”, perform relative to “Get Your Quote”? Which drives more conversions?