Change Your Landing Page Text By Time Of Day

If your offer can change by the time of day, this set up can be useful for you

This feature is labeled as "beta" because it will be improved in the future. If you use a swap with this feature, it is stable and it will work forever, but the newer version will be easier to use.

This feature relies upon supplying a timezone which isn’t ideal. If you are very interested in this future and want it to work without a timezone supplied, please send our team an email.

Send us your suggestion by emailing us here

Here are the two available options:

{{betaBeforeTime “Hour Timezone” “Content”}}

{{betaAfterTime “Hour Timezone” “Content”}}

  1. The hour is in military time. So use 13:25 for 1:25
  2. The Timezone is from the tz database

Here’s something short that works:

{{betaBeforeTime “13:15 America/Los_Angeles” “Show Me Only Before 1:15PM LA time”}}

Here’s something running in an ad today.

Before 1pm, the message is for same-day license retrieval. After 1pm, it’s about retrieval for the next morning (federal work day).

Example of text changed in Easy Landing