Use Variables In Your Easy Landing Swaps

Using variables can enable the creation of even more dynamic pages.

Have a newsletter and want to insert your customer's name on the page they click to? Have a landing page where only one phrase changes? Variables make these swaps easy.

Start by setting your after value like so:

{{variable#1:Fallback Here!}}

  1. No spaces between anything
  2. Add your fallback text after the colon
Variables in Easy Landing

Now, when you want to access your variable on your page, set it in your URL like:

Use variable-el-1



The text in the URL will match the casing of your fallback text. For example, if your fallback text sentence case like:

I am fallback text

That URL will give:

I am swapped text

Your available options are:

  1. Sentence Case
  2. All Caps
  3. Title Case
  4. Lower Case

Any " I " will be automatically capitalized as well.

Add infinite variables

There is no limit to how many variables you can add to your swaps. Just add variable-el-5 to your URL and the {{variable#5:Fallback}} to your swap, or any other number for the swaps to work.

The Debug View Shows The Unprocessed Value

If in your URL there is a debug=true, the swap will be unprocessed. Simply remove that and the final value will be shown once the server updates.