Easy Landing Is All Server Side

Some dynamic landing page tools rely on Javascript to make their changes. Easy Landing does things differently

Tools like Optimizely or A/B testers like VWO do all their changes in the user’s browser which result in potential speed penalties.

Even worse, many of these tools are blocked by ad blockers meaning 30%+ of site visitors can see a blank screen (because of the page-hiding techniques) for 4 seconds.

Easy Landing Solves These Problems, And Then Some

All the text swaps,* A/B tests and image swaps happen before the page reaches the user. This results in a faster, more seamless experience for the user.

*The one exception to this is one of the ways you can insert the user's city

Why Your Site Is Faster With Easy Landing

Other tools run into problems with caching and long origin response times. For example, popular Wordpress plugins for dynamic keyword insertion force the pages to be re-made each time the page is requested.

This causes the server to be slower, and each time a user requests the page they have to go all the way to the origin, even if the page is all the way across the world.

Easy Landing stores your pages, ready to be served, all across the world in our CDN.

The result is that websites can see 500ms+ speed improvements.*

*Of course if your site is already optimized and cached properly on the edge, you will not see these improvements, but you will also not see degradations as you gain access to new features.