Fix Custom Fonts With Easy Landing

Easy Landing is served from a separate subdomain from your main domain, meaning browsers might stop certain requests. This is an easy fix for most platforms.

If you have broken icons on your site, or you are trying to load custom fonts, this guide is the likely fix.

The Potential Fix For Wordpress

This fix will only work if you aren’t using Apache or Ngninx for your static files.

  1. Install the HTTP Headers plugin.

  2. Select Access Control

    access control header settings
  3. Select “Access-Control-Origin-Headers”

    select access-control-allow-origin settings from plugin

  4. Add your origin and save the changes

    add cors headers for wordpress

If this doesn’t work, either try one of the below solutions or contact support.

The Fix For Developers

If you’ve got a developer working with you, the bottom line is when a request comes to your web server, a CORS response header that allows requests from the set up subdomain needs to be sent back.

The Fix For Everyone Else

If you feel completely out of your depth with this, contact support, and we’ll help you get this set up.

Think you can do it with a few instructions? Google “Set up CORs” + “your platform,” and you’ll likely run into a guide.

For example, here is an nginx guide, an Apache guide, a django guide.