Set Up With Duda

Duda has one feature that can make the implementation non-standard with Easy Landing.

Duda serves different pages for mobile vs desktop traffic. This is an easy fix in Easy Landing.

Secondly, Duda’s “Ajax Navigation” setting doesn’t work with Easy Landing, but that doesn’t mean you need to change anything with Easy Landing.

These changes will happen in the admin area of your account

admin settings of Easy Landing

Serve Different Sites For Mobile Vs Desktop

Select that your site requires this setting and you’re all set!

setting for mobile and desktop version being different

How To Fix Duda’s Ajax Navigation

This special set up happens after your site is already set up

Navigate to any page in Duda and try to click a link to another page on your website. If it works, great! No need to change anything. If it doesn’t, read on.

Add the following before and after snippets to the “unsafe before and after” section (we promise it’s safe for you):

AllowAjax: true

AllowAjax: false

unsafe find and replace input box