How Easy Landing Handles Tests

Easy Landing only allows users to be part of one active test and variation to ensure that data drawn from your A/B/n tests is accurate

Running an A/B/n test is usually done to learn something and make conversion rate improvements. In order to facilitate integrity in the tests, Easy Landing only allows each visitor to be part of one active test.

Imagine if user “Austin” is part of a test where you are changing the offer of your headline from:

“Get a Quote Today”


“Call Today For an Immediate Quote”

Austin got the variation, and you want to see if he is more likely to convert.

However, Austin also triggers a test where the button text goes from:

Contact Us


Call Us

This time, Austin is in the “control” variant of the test. He sees the headline “Call Today For An Immediate Quote”, and the button text “Contact Us”

Austin then converts.

Which test impacted his conversion more?

The headline test is very likely influencing the button text in an unexplainable way, meaning that conclusions can’t be drawn about which headline actually was best or which button actually was best.

A better test would be to either test the headline and button change at the same time or split the traffic 50/50 between each test.