Using Text Swaps Across Pages

Text swaps are not tied to any particular page. Re-use your parameters across as many pages you want.

Let’s say you have 10 pages focused on license reinstatement that all have the phrase Call To Get Your Quote

Now, because you’ve read through Easy Landing’s documentation, you see that you can change the text by time of day

On each of these pages, if the time is before 1pm, you want this:

Call To Get Your Quote

to say:

Call To Get Your License Back By The End Of The Day

and if the time is after 1pm, you want it to have a message like below (where “Tuesday” is the next non-weekend day inserted with the tomorrow feature )

Call To Get Your License Back By Tuesday Morning

To Get Text Swaps To Work Across Pages, No Extra Work Needs To Be Done

If your text swap parameter is ?el-quote=immediate, just add this to every page you want to have the swap occur. Nothing bad happens if the swap isn’t found.