Comparing Products Sucks. We Want To Make That Better

If you find another tool like ours and you need to pay up front for it. Buy it, and try Easy Landing. If you like Easy Landing more, we’ll credit you the cost of the plugin.

To redeem this offer, email us here and we'll ensure the tool you want is covered under this guarantee (if it's built primarily for dynamic keyword insertion/content, it will be)

Dead Simple Pricing



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  • Unlimited Pages and Swaps
  • Insert the user’s city from Google Ads. (what's this?)
  • Up To 100k monthly visitors



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  • Everything from Basic
  • Insert the user’s city from any channel
  • Up To 1 Million monthly visitors
  • Access to support rep Slack channel


Brining on more than three clients and want a discount? 100% SLA's available.

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Something not clear? Shoot us a text at (503) 832-4117 or use the live chat


What is your 100% SLA?

We understand the feelings of risk when a customer relies on us to host their content for marketing campaigns. We use automated failovers provided by the largest hosting company in the world (AWS) to enable that if Easy Landing goes down, traffic is routed to your website.

With this in place, we have not detected any down time since this service launched in November 2020.

For full terms on our SLA, please refer to our terms of service.

Does this work with every platform?

Almost, but not quite. Platforms like Wordpress, Squarespace, Woocommerce, custom coded pages all work well.

There are two known exceptions. Shopify doesn’t want any services to exist in front of their customer’s stores as a way to retain control. SPA’s like React JS, Next JS or Vue that are either fully client rendered or use “re-hydration” often overwrite any changes we make during that process.

Can I use my main domain?

Most people who sign up have their main site on “,” and then “” on Easy Landing.

If you want “” to be on Easy Landing and always have traffic come through it, let us know and we’ll set you up!

Will this effect my SEO?

No. We automatically insert something called a “canonical” tag that will tell Google your Easy Landing pages should be ignored.

What’s support like?

When you sign up you will be assigned a support rep who will be available 10 hours a day for text support, and will answer any emails in under 24 hours.

Premium plans get priority support and access to a Slack channel.