“Landing Pages” are web pages managed through Easy Landing

“Landing Page Copy” are the words on “Landing Pages”

“Swaps” are user defined before and after content to customize a page.

“User” refers to the registered user of Easy Landing

“Content” refers to anything posted to the “Website” by a user or Easy Landing unless otherwise specified.

“Live Database” refers to the active database that Easy Landing uses to store and access information.


The user agrees to read and understand the entirety of these terms and conditions before using this website and understands any violation of these terms may result in legal action or account termination.

These terms and conditions may change at any time. The user agrees to keep up to date on any changes to the terms and conditions of this website. If a material change is made to these terms, Easy Landing will notify registered users via email.

Content Submitted To Easy Landing

Users who submit any content to Easy Landing grant Easy Landing a non-exclusive license to the content.

This license will be used by Easy Landing to store the content in our database and serve the content when it is requested by a user specified URL or rule.

Users certify they are the legal owners of any uploaded content, and if they are not, their account will be immediately removed.

Easy Landing may request to use a user’s content for marketing purposes, but the user is under no obligation to comply. Easy Landing will not use any user content without express and verifiable permission, most likely obtained via email.

User Eligibility

Easy Landing only allows legal and compliant access to its website and content.

Minimum Age

By using this site a user guarantees they are over the age of thirteen if accessing from the United States. If the user is accessing Easy Landing from a different country or jurisdiction, they guarantee they are over the minimum age required to access the Website or use any of Easy Landing’s tools, deliverables, or services.

Under no circumstances will Easy Landing knowingly collect information of any kind from users under the minimum age set by local jurisdictions.

If an individual has a reason to believe Easy Landing has collected information from a user as under the “minimum age” please immediately contact us at [email protected] and we will promptly remove all personally identifying information about the user in question after verifying the claim.

User Fair Use Agreement

Easy Landing imposes certain standards on accounts to ensure that the service is used in a proper way. These terms can be subjective and are determined at the sole discretion of Easy Landing.

Overuse Of Service

If a user creates too many “swaps”, “tests” or “personalizations,” their account is at risk of suspension. This limit is determined solely by Easy Landing.

If a user is worried about this limit, they are encouraged to use the “URL variable” feature rather than creating thousands of low traffic variations.

Required Information For Signing Up

In order to sign up, an individual must provide a valid email address that they will continue to monitor for important updates. This email must be secure and only accessible by the individual as password reset and other account information may be sent to it.

A name is required at the time of sign up, but the name provided may be an alias. A real name may be required in the event a user enters billing information.

Restrictions on Account Creation

  1. All accounts must be created by a human individual, not a bot or any mechanism controlled by code or other artificial means.
  2. The limit to accounts per individual is one. Individuals are not allowed to have more than one account for any purpose and are expressly forbidden from creating a second account to circumvent any bans or other actions taken by moderators or administrators on the website.

Acceptable Behavior

Every user who uses the website agrees to comply with all of the following rules at all times when using any part of the website.

  1. Users will not use Easy Landing for unlawful purposes as defined by their local jurisdictions, or the United States Government.
  2. No account actions may be automated unless through tools provided by Easy Landing.
  3. Easy Landing must not be used as a platform for discrimination.
  4. Users will only use Easy Landing with content they have rights to. This includes landing pages and landing page copy.
  5. No users will take any action that could cause a disruption to the website’s service, uptime, security, or cause an unreasonable burden on Easy Landing.
  6. Users will not buy, sell or transfer ownership of an account.

Maintenance of User Accounts

The Rights Users Have To Their Data

Users can view your rights to your data in the Privacy Policy here.

Account Deletion Terms

Users can delete their account at any time for any reason in the admin area of their profile. Upon deletion Easy Landing has one calendar month to remove personally identifying information from their live database and other records where applicable. Data provided by the user may be kept in order to resolve disputes or legal obligations, at the legal and valid request of other parties, or in instances where keeping non personally identifying information serves the public good.

Some personally identifiable information may be kept in encrypted backups which is not available for a request for deletion.

To have your personally identifiable information deleted, please delete your account.

Upon cancellation, the user understands their data is permanently gone forever and cannot be recovered.

Account Security

The User is responsible for the security and integrity of their account at all times. Easy Landing is not liable for any damages that come to User due to a compromised account.

If a User suspects their account has become compromised, they are required to immediately contact Easy Landing.

Content Posted By Easy Landing

All content produced by Easy Landing, including but not limited to: the words displayed on pages, blog posts, designs, HTML, CSS, and JS files, are fully copyrighted by Easy Landing and not available for reuse in any way.

Limitation Of Liability

Local Jurisdictions

The user is responsible for complying by all of their local laws and regulations.

Down Time

Easy Landing will make a reasonable effort to ensure our services are publicly available at all times excluding any scheduled maintenance. Easy Landing does not accept any liability for harm caused to users through the inability to access the platform unless specified under a service level agreement.

Data Loss

Easy Landing does not accept any liability for data deletion, lost or corrupted data and reserves the right to delete any content, code, links, or anything posted by a user at any time for any reason.

At times, users or Easy Landing may post links to external websites. Easy Landing accepts no liability for any damages that comes from using such Third Party Content.

Easy Landing’s Obligations

Easy Landing will comply with requests from law enforcement agencies when legally required to do so or at the discretion of Easy Landing.

Please mail any legal inquiries to [email protected]

Marketing, Communication and Partners

Notification Policy

Easy Landing will email you important information about your account, our service, and material updates to the terms of service.

All other “non-essential” communication is explicitly opt-in. This includes but is not limited to slack alerts or email alerts, marketing emails, or any other communications.

The Relationship Between Easy Landing LLC and Users

Governing Law

These terms of conditions will be governed under the State of Oregon. Both Easy Landing and the user accept that any claims or issues related to these terms of service will be resolved solely in federal or state courts located in Medford, Oregon.

Mandatory Arbitration

User’s claims or disputes arising from these terms of service will be settled via binding arbitration in the state of Oregon, or another location both parties find to be agreeable. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.


Easy Landing and the user’s obligations under the following sections will survive indefinitely.

  1. User Generated Content
  2. Indemnity
  3. Mandatory Arbitration
  4. Limitation of Liability
  5. The Rights Users Have To Their Data
  6. Easy Landing’s Obligations
  7. Governing Law
  8. Merger and Severability
  9. Disclaimer of Warranties
  10. Indemnification
  11. Assignment
  12. No Waiver

Merger and Severability

This agreement between Easy Landing and its users supersedes any other contracts or agreements. All existing contracts or agreements are merged with this one.

No part of these terms may be modified, waived, or otherwise made invalid without both parties signing a new contract specifying the new terms.

Other Provisions

Disclaimer of Warranties

Easy Landing provides all of its services “As Is” and makes no warranties, expressed or implied. The user agrees that Easy Landing can not be held liable for any damages, losses, or consequences coming from direct or indirect effects of the services.


Except for when prohibited by law, the user agrees to hold Easy Landing harmless from any costs, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, losses, judgements, or any other expense that arise from any claims surrounding these terms of service, the use of the website, content on the website, or the User’s violations of local law.


All terms and agreements between Easy Landing and the user are wholly transferrable on the event of a sale or acquisition of Easy Landing. Users are unable to transfer any of their obligations from these terms without our consent.

DMCA Policy

Email us at [email protected] with a valid dmca request if a claim arises. Only send valid DMCA requests. Those who send repeat invalid DMCA requests may face legal consequences.

No Waiver

If Easy Landing fails to enforce any of these terms of service, that is not a waiver of any of our specific clauses or agreements.

If any section of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, the section in question will be enforced with the intent Easy Landing had when writing it.

Structure Of These Terms

These terms are structured with headers and sections for readability. These are only for reading convenience and have no bearing on the agreement between the User and Easy Landing.

Payment Terms

General Contact

Easy Landing reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.

Refund Policy

Easy Landing does not offer refunds.

100% SLA

If a user is on a plan with an SLA, the following service credits will be given for when Easy Landing has not been 100% available.

“100% available” means that both Easy Landing’s services are down and the automated failover failed to direct traffic to the customer’s origin domain.

In order to redeem an SLA violation, please email [email protected] with verification of the unavailability.


Easy Landing offers an easy way to cancel your account from the admin area of your account. Easy Landing offers no partial refunds.

Cancellations must occur at least (1) day before the end of the current subscription period otherwise payment will automatically be collected.

Typographical Errors

In the event Easy Landing incorrectly displays the price, Easy Landing reserves the right to cancel any orders placed for the product listed at the incorrect price and give refunds to the original payment method.