Easy Landing LLC maintains this privacy policy to explain how we collect and use personal data.

The Data We Collect

We collect the following categories of user’s data:

  1. Personal identifiers such as name, email address and IP address, and MAC address
  2. Usage data on how users interact with our website
  3. Geolocation data of general location of the user

How We Collect Your Data

The following are the methods through which Easy Landing knowingly collects personal information.

  1. During sign up. In the sign up process, users are required to give a valid email and a name or alias. If a user signs up throughGoogle, will still receive the name or alias, and email address.
  2. During usage. Easy Landing places cookies or other cookie like tracking and sends events to third party servers based on site events in order to measure site usage
  3. Notification sign ups when explicitly given authorization
  4. Voluntarily filling out surveys

Easy Landing may also receive your data through:

  1. Users posting personal information on our forum

How We Use Your Data

Users provide their contact information for the following default contact reasons:

  1. Updates about a user’s account, such as a password reset or critical user update
  2. Updates about billing, orders, or anything related to our order platform
  3. Material updates to our terms of service

If there is an explicit opt-in, Easy Landing will use contact information for the following reasons:

  1. Notifications for promotional offers
  2. Notifications for marketplace posts with predefined keywords or other user defined criteria
  3. Notifications of when a particular page has been updated

Behavioral data is processed in order for Easy Landing to better understand how our users interact with the platform. Over time, this aggregate data will show:

  1. How to best optimize the site for engagement, user retention and usage of our marketplace platforms
  2. Which acquisition channels lead to the most engaged users, reducing costs for Easy Landing

There are four external data processors that will handle the user’s personal data.

Active Campaign is our email provider. Easy Landing will share personal information and usage data to Active Campaign in order to maintain up to date and engaging contact with the user when the user has explicitly opted in to such communications. You can view their privacy policy here .

Google Tag Manager is used to simplify our sitewide tracking. Easy Landing will share usage and HTTP request log data with Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager deletes HTTP request logs after 14 days and only stores aggregate data, nothing personally identifiable. You can view Google’s privacy policy here .

Google Analytics is used to analyze sitewide traffic in aggregate and assist Easy Landing in understanding user behavior. This allows Easy Landing to make informed decisions on improving users experience, user interface, infrastructure upgrades, and more. Easy Landing does not knowingly send any personally identifying information to Google Analytics. Google Analytics collects data via cookies, browser and system information. For more information on how data is collected via Google Analytics, please visit this page . For Google’s Privacy Policy, please click here .

Mixpanel is used to analyze user behavior to enable Easy Landing to make decisions surrounding user experience. For example, Mixpanel would allow Easy Landing to determine whether an onboarding video or onboarding article would be more effective at increasing moderator engagement. For details of how Mixpanel handles personal data, you can view their Data Processing Addendum here and their Privacy Policy here.

How We Store Your Data

Easy Landing securely stores your data in our servers. All data transmissions are sent via HTTPs encryption. Personally Identifying Information used for account validation will be kept in perpetuity until a user requests their account to be deleted.

Easy Landing will securely transmit your data to our partners:

  1. Google Analytics usage data is sent Google’s secure servers via HTTPs encryption. Google Analytics will store aggregate, non personally identifying information in perpetuity to analyze user engagement over time. For more information about Google Analytic’s retention policy, please click here .
  2. Google Tag Manager usage data is sent to their secure servers via HTTPs encryption. Google Tag Manager’s HTTP log data will be automatically deleted after 14 days, and aggregate usage statistics, which expressly do not contain personal information, will exist in perpetuity.
  3. Personal information sent to Active Campaign is sent to their secure servers via HTTPs encryption. This data will be kept in perpetuity until a user deletes their account in order to maintain critical non-critical contact.
  4. Personal information and usage data is sent to Mixpanel’s secure servers via HTTPs encryption. This data is held for 5 years in order to effectively measure change in user engagement over time.


All marketing communications from Easy Landing are explicitly opt-in. For a recipient to opt-out of such communications, they may visit communications preferences in the user settings, or simply click “unsubscribe” from any email received.

Personal Information We’ve Sold

Easy Landing has never sold user information.

Personal Information Disclosed For Business Purpose

Easy Landing has used personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Auditing and user analytics
  2. Security
  3. Debugging site errors
  4. Providing customer service
  5. Internal research

User’s Right To Non-Discrimination Under CCPA

Easy Landing will not discriminate against users in any way for exercising rights under CCPA. Specifically, Easy Landing will not raise prices, change customer service priorities, deny rights to service, or intentionally change user experience.

It should be noted that exercising rights under CCPA may result in limitations to site personalization.

The Rights You Have To Your Data

The Right to Portability and Access: Users have the right to request Easy Landing to deliver all personal data collected.

The Right to Rectification: Users have the rights to request Easy Landing to correct any data the user may believe is inaccurate or incomplete.

The Right Of Erasure: Users have the rights to request Easy Landing delete all personal data. Easy Landing may not comply under certain conditions listed in our terms of conditions.

The Right To Restrict Processing: Users have the right to request restrictions of how Easy Landing handles their data.

The Right To Object To Processing: Users have the right to object to how Easy Landing handles personal data.

Contact Information To Exercise Your Rights

To receive access to your data, please contact [email protected]

To restrict processing of your data, please contact [email protected]

To object to the processing of your data, please contact us via our information under “How To Contact Us” or contact the authority listed under “How To Report Easy Landing For Violations To Your Privacy or Privacy Laws.”


Cookies are text files stored in your computer to collect and log behavior. When a user visits our website, we place cookies automatically. For more information on what cookies are or how they are used, please view allboutcookies.org.

On top of cookies, Easy Landing uses local storage and other browser based storages.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies enable our integrations with Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and integrate with Active Campaign. For information on how these services utilize personal information, please view the section titled “How We Use Your Data.”

Cookies and other cookie like collection methods are also used for authentication and first party data collection for site interaction.

The Types Of Cookies We Use

Easy Landing uses persistent cookies for authentication and measuring user interactions with the site through our partners mentioned in the “How We Use Your Data” sections.

How You Can Manage Cookies

Browsers have the ability to block cookies from any website. Users are also able to “clear” cookies via browser settings. Please note that blocking cookies from Easy Landing may result in the website losing certain functions.

Privacy Policy Of Other Websites and Embedded Websites

Easy Landing’s website contains links to external sites and includes iframes pointing to different domains with different privacy policies.

If you click on a page with such iframes or click to a different site, please view their privacy policy.

H## ow To Contact Us

GDPR Compliance Officer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 541-601-5045

How To Report Easy Landing For Violations To Your Privacy or Privacy Laws

If you’d like to report Easy Landing, you can reach the appropriate authorities here:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +353 1 639 5689

Web Form: https://www.oic.ie/contact/

Address: 6 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, D02 W773.